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 LASH GLUE -VS-HAIR GLUEI’ve been getting a lot of talk about using bonding glue as a substitute for lash glue if you want your lashes to last longer. Well I’m here to shed some light on why that is the worst idea EVER! I’m going to share some FACTUAL information. I’m sure this subject may be controversial because many do use it.First what is Bonding Glue for those that may not know and never heard of it? Bonding Glue is an adhesive glue that is particularly made to adhere hair to your head of hair.Weave Glue
Ingredients: Latex, Water and Ammonium Hydroxide
Avoid contact with eyes, chemical, sensitive allergic skin and reach of children, Flammable, keep away from Fire or Flame. Hair Bonding Glue: Do Not Use If Scalp Is Irritate Or Injured.Eyelash Adhesive
Ingredients: NATURAL RUBBER, SODIUM POLYACRYLATE, WATER, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, MAGNESIUM, ALUMINUM SILICATE, TRIETHANOLAMINE, CELLULOSE GUM, DIAZOLIDINYL UREA, METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPAREBEN.Eyelash adhesive and weave glue as we can see do have similar ingredients and that is the latex and natural rubber which helps to camouflage the false hair within the natural hair. And it is true that many that use bonding hair glue to apply false eyelashes do plan to keep in the false lashes for a long period of time.
However, when persons use bonding hair glue to bond false lashes to their natural lashes, they do just that: they place a very strong bond on the natural lashes. So much so that there is a large amount of hair loss. The weave glue is way too strong for your natural lashes and when it comes time to remove the falsies, many of your natural lashes come right out with the falsies. There are many who have to wear false lashes now because of the frequent use of bonding hair glue. If not already they will eventually fall out. Do you want that to happen to you???? I know you don’t!You may think all glues are created equally, but this is not the case obviously because in that case Super Glue would be the same also but it’s worse than Bonding Hair Glue. You may ask “But doesn’t the weave glue have latex and so do many eyelash adhesives? So it’s all good, right?” Yes that’s true HOWEVER bonding hair glue specifically states to avoid contact with the eye area. It was not formulated for this purpose. It’s like saying Alcohol is alcohol, right? Contact the Poison Control Center and they would say otherwise.Eyelash adhesives are gentle and safe for the eye area because they were formulated for that purpose. We all know that the eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. It is prone to redness, swelling, watering, stinging and other allergic reactions. So why would you put something on your eye that would cause irritation or maybe worse, Cause you to go blind? I would suggest either sticking to eyelash adhesives or no adhesives at all which means no lashes. I also know some that are allergic to latex. Did you know there are latex free eyelash adhesives available for those who are allergic to latex? If the professional makeup artist uses anything other than eyelash adhesive, RUUNNNNNNNNNN and run quickly!
Bottom line: eyelash adhesive is for false eyelashes; weave glue is for weave. Keep that way!!!
You do not need nothing to last over a week or two at tops on your eyes.... 



Winter is the preferred “cuddle season” in the everyday world, but in the makeup world it is the “dry season.” During this time of year, you will be reminded by dry and rough hand, flaky and ashy skin and the worst chapped and bleeding lips. Furthermore, this winter season the indoor and outdoor air pulls moisture out your skin. I know you are asking how; when there is so much snow on the ground. Or you are thinking, “Slathering on moisturizing cream, baby oils, and lotions.” HOWEVER, they will not help if you’re applying them at the wrong time, using the wrong products, or counteracting their benefits by using harsh soaps. Yup, I said it…lol

WRONG!!!! Now, lets me help you by giving you four secret simple steps to moisturizer, nourish, and furthermore preparing your skin for the spring time during the winter “cuddle.” season.

What are these simple secret steps?

1. Ladies and Gentleman once you exit the shower or tub leave a little bit of water on your skin and smother it with a moisturizer, oil, or lotion of your choice. Do not wait until you are completely dry, it defeats the purpose.

2. Cleanse your skin with lukewarm water not hot or cool, using a body moisturizing cleanser with a lite exfoliator (soaps tends to dry your skin out).

3. Last but not less, remember when you were young, and people use to say put a hat on or gloves. 

YES!!! That plays a big part. Protect your skin from being beat-up by Jack Frost.

4. A humidifier is your best friend put some moister in the air. The heat we run all winter long dries the moisture out.

Now that you know the secret lets me sum the importance up for you. The moisture you trap after bathing helps protect your skin throughout the day and winter months. Applying lotion to dry skin only grease up your top layer of skin, so you use more product with fewer results. Moisturizing cleanser, with lukewarm water, do not strip your natural oils. Which can lead to skin moisture loss, skin roughness, and the worst skin irritation.

What are the best winter products?

Of course my products, “Amori DeZire.” They are a Botanical skin line, rich in moisture, some have oils and/or water-binding ingredients (such as lanolin, glycerin, hyaluronic acid). They are my favorites. I love my natural products. They are the hydrating Gods for anyone’s sensitive skin during the winter “cuddling” season. Work smart, not hard. Take care your skin now and it will be easy for you during the spring, simmer, and two years from now.

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